[since 1865] Organic sake "Wa no Tsuki" and plum liquor is TSUKINOI-SYUZO

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The wine cellar where sea breeze blows through

Street and Ibaraki-ken Oarai-machi on the beach where summer bustles with a seawater bather.
Clear subsoil water in Nakagawa flows, and sea breeze has started the i making alcoholic beverages store in a moon by breathed in and Oarai-machi Isohama who blows through.
The wall in a storehouse where I fade a little which tells old of the history. The chimney which stands in a storehouse was also the rule of thumb when a fishing boat stops at a port formerly, beyond 140 for history of a warehouse.

The celebratory drink history is [ TSUKINOI ]

A representative brand "TSUKINOI" is drunk habitually as a rising ship of a fishing boat and a celebratory drink necessary to Irifune also sung one is a folk song "Iso-bushi" while drinking "TSUKINOI". That the name of "TSUKINOI" was called from a harvest moon in the harvest moon in the lyrics of <>, it's said that the first head of a family had in the well a precinct calls "TSUKINOI" and put it on the occasion of Kawasaki-daishi visit.


[Organic sake] junmai sake Japanese special organic rice, Wa no Tsuki 60 burning (720 ml)
2,484 yen (tax included)

"Sake" well of unfiltered pure malts Tsukinoi (go-hyakumangoku) (720 ml) * cool chilled
1,728 yen (tax included)

Ginjo sake from the "Red Snapper" (720 ml)
1,674 yen (tax included)

[All ingredients are organic] sake brewed organic plum wine (500 ml)
2,808 yen (tax included)